Financial Aid Information

MPH students interested in receiving financial aid must first apply to the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS). Potential sources of support include:

In addition to these resources, the MPH program has a limited amount of departmental funding for MPH students. This funding is provided on the basis of merit and need in accordance with the definitions below. These definitions will assist you in understanding the ways that financial aid can be determined. One or all of these factors may be considered when awarding financial resources.

Merit-Based: This type of award is determined based on academic potential and excellence. Student merit can be determined based on a combination of factors such as work-related experience, prior degrees, grades, test scores, personal statement, and recommendation letters

Need-Based: This type of award is determined based on a combination of factors such as income, assets, prior loan debt, and family contributions. Student need is typically determined by OSFS based on the completion of requested financial aid applications.

Need-Merit-Based: This type of award is a combination and considers the most meritorious students with the highest need.

Restricted: Restrictions can be based on such criteria as residency, research interests, citizenship, occupation, and degree. Please review any restrictions regarding grants, scholarships, or fellowships to determine qualifications that may be restricted based on the request of the donor.

Diversity: Underrepresented minorities and students from developing countries.

MPH Program – Financial Aid FAQs

Q:  What type of funding is available from the MPH program?
A:  MPH students are eligible for limited tuition assistance from the MPH program. MPH students do not receive funding or financial aid directly from the academic departments. The Office of Student Financial Services compiles statistics on financial aid awards.

Q:  Who is eligible for financial aid from the MPH program?
A:  Both U.S. citizens and international MPH degree applicants are eligible for consideration.

  • Please note there is no financial aid available for summer-only MPH students. The Summer Session for Public Health Studies does not offer any financial aid.

Q:  How do I apply for MPH financial aid?
A:  MPH students must apply for financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Services. All applicants who complete the financial aid forms are considered in accordance with the established definitions; there is no additional application required.

Q:  What is the financial aid application deadline?
A:  Students should observe OSFS deadlines.

Q:  What is the typical level of funding that students receive from the MPH program?
A:  Partial tuition or 25% of tuition for full-time students.

Q:  What are the qualifications for student funding?
A:  Funding is awarded on a merit- and need-based level as defined above.

  • While the MPH program makes every effort to secure as many funding opportunities for students as possible, there is no guarantee that every student will receiving funding. Students are encouraged to seek out as many different sources of funding as early as possible.

Q:  When will I know if I received funding from the MPH program?
A:  Decisions are made during the spring admission season; notifications can be expected on March 25, 2015. Some additional decisions may be made later depending on funding allocation.