MCH/CYF Practicums

MCH/CYF Practicums

PRACTICA 2013-2014 MPH/HSB/MCH Students

Quality Improvement and Patient/Family Education for Children Receiving Home Parenteral Nutrition (Children’s Hospital)

The White Ribbon Campaign: Advocacy and Education of Men Regarding Domestic Violence (Jane Doe, Inc.)

Health Coaching for Child Obesity Management: A Qualitative Study on Family Perceptions (Children’s Hospital)

Trauma Informed Care (Children’s Services of Roxbury)

Development of an Assessment Tool for Adolescent Dating Violence (Boston Medical Center)

Evaluation of an Educational Intervention for Parents to Improve Teen Driving Safety (HSPH)

Increasing Health Expenditures and Improving Health Outcomes through Economic Interventions for Farmers: A Qualitative Study of Mothers and Families in rural Western Kenya (Innovations for Policy Action)

Development of a Farm to School Curriculum for 4th and 5th Grade Students – (Somerville Public Schools and Groundworks)


PRACTICA 2012-2013 MPH/HSB/MCH Students

The Medical Home at Martha Eliot Health Center in Jamaica Plain Ma, students worked on a project related to Teen Pregnancy and integration of adolescent care.

Under the direction of a Principal Investigator at Children’s Hospital in Boston Ma, work was done on a Quality Improvement project to develop a measure to predict/detect agitation in a pediatric inpatient and emergency room setting.

At the Boston Public Health Commission located in Boston Ma, students worked on an extensive program evaluation of the health commission’s school based clinics.

In both South Korea and Chile students worked with the STRIPED program to develop strategic initiatives for screening and treatment of eating disorders.

Work was done on a program evaluation tool for an educational intervention to raise awareness of trafficking (primarily focused on women and young girls) in health care settings.

A student did a policy analysis of dental care, which focused on expanding the license and capacity of dental hygienists to deliver care to underserved populations. This project did not specifically focus on MCH populations by design, but in fact ended up evaluating and making recommendations that were MCH-related because children and adolescents, particularly low income children and adolescents, are underserved in this particular area.


PRACTICA 2011-2012 MPH/HSB/MCH Students

Division of Global Public Health, University of California-San Diego, CA. Conducted a gap analysis and aided in the development of a sexual health and safety program for African AmericanAdolescents in a low-income housing community. Performed anin-depth literature review and developed a manuscript of cross-border sextrafficking in Russia and its neighboring countries.

Brigham and Women’s Hospiptal, Division of Women’s Health-Boston, MA. Data abstraction on a chart review looking at pregnancies from 2006-2011 in which there were diagnoses of fetal anomalies and subsequent terminations between 17 weeks and 24 weeks gestation. Project is trying to find out what predicts women’s method of termination choice (Induction or Dilation and Extraction) and are examining a number of social/demographic/mental health/reproductive health variables, as well as partner variables, in pursuit of this question.

UNAIDS-Caracas, Venezuela. In an effort to help create synergies with the private sector, developed an asset map of all the corporations and foundations within Caracas that invest in health related initiatives through corporate social responsibility. Designed promotional materials, such as a brochure and slideshow presentation, that highlight the importance of private sector investment in HIV/AIDS prevention and maternal and child health in Venezuela.

Health Resources in Action -Boston, MA. Participated in curriculum development, program implementation, and program evaluation for the Healthy Girls, Healthy Women peer leadership health promotion program.

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University-Cambridge, MA. Interviewed experts to assess the state of the knowledge on early childhood contributors to lifelong health, and helped identify areas of the early childhood field that are ripe for innovation. Helped plan and implement a series of interactive webinars for practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and philanthropists dedicated to catalyzing breakthrough impacts in the field of early childhood development.

Body Image Community Indicators Mapping Project-Boston, MA. In this practicum, the student developed skills and expertise related to conducting scientifically rigorous and innovative community indicators assessment and mapping while focusing on a topic area of critical importance for adolescent health and development.

Reproductive Health Educational Materials for Dominican Immigrants-Martha May Eloit Clinic, Boston, MA. This practicum project involved researching and writing Spanish-language patient education materials aimed at low-literacy parents and also young adults. Click here for abstract.

Engaging Fathers-Institute for Community Health, Cambridge, MA. This practicum involved data collection to lead to better informed community initiatives to promote responsible fatherhood in this community. Click here for abstract.

Database and Evaluation of the PREP Clinic Programs-Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Complete and maintain a database of our patients and their outcomes and to assist with the design and conduct of evaluation studies of the effectiveness of our clinic interventions

Family Leadership Curriculum Development-MA Department of Public Health, Boston, MA. Engage families as full partners in the development of policies and the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs.

Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plans (SCAMPs)-Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. THis practicum involved developing SAS programming for testing format library and assisting biostatisticians.

CHPCC “No-Show” Survey Analysis-Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Assisting biostatisticians with no-show appointment surveys at the hospital’s Primary Care Clinic.

SCAMPs Operational-Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Assisting and developing the Critical Care Unit’s Asthma SCAMPs algorithm.

Pain Management in Emergency Department (ED)-Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Developing a driver diagram and process map for pain management in the ED.

MICU Asthma SCAMPs-Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Assisted in the development of SCAMP algorithm and testing the feasibility of obtaining parameters specific to asthma SCAMPs within medical records.

Diabetes Depression Screening-Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Developing abstraction form for screening depression. Click here for abstract.

Low Bone Density Fractures-Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Developing a database of all inpatient fractures and analyzing risk factors.


PRACTICA 2010-211 MPH/FCH/MCH Students

Obesity Prevention Program-Boston, MA

Mobile Youth Survey-University of Alabama

Boston Public Schools and Wellness – K-12 Health Education initiatives

Mass School Based Health Center Coalition – Advocacy/program development –
school-based sex education and reproductive health services

Codman Square HC and Charter School – Coaches project – training coaches as role
models for male adolescents’ life skills

Harvard Tobacco Control Center – youth tobacco use in Nigeria
Codman Square Health Center – perinatal health programs – evaluation,
development of initiative focused on Haitian women

Revere Health Center – use of navigators for cervical cancer screening and

Department of Mental Health – programs for Children with Autism Spectrum

Boston Public Health Commission – interventions to prevent pre-term labor

Boston Public Health Commission – evaluation of child mental health
interventions throughout Boston

Mass Eating Disorders Association – eating disorders in adolescent girls –
qualitative investigation of body image and attitudes towards eating

Cambridge Health Alliance – interventions for homeless adolescents

Bird Street community Center pre-K/K nutrition and healthy eating – intervention
and program evaluation

Children’s Hospital – QI initiatives

Children’s Hospital – qualitative investigation – use of long-acting
contraceptives among teenage girls

Children’s Hospital – implementation of an STI prevention intervention (national


PRACTICA 2010-211 MS2 Students

Kalmor Consulting Europe-Facilitation, preparation and co-authoring a book on “Women, Careers and Family in the European Context”.-the Netherlands

AIDS Action Committee of MA-Planning and implementing youth programming, applying theory and research to designing programs, and coordinating and collaborating with community partners.-Boston, MA

Program in American Indian Communtiy Health-American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance- Partner and collaborate with American Indian peoples, nations, communities, and organizations to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of American Indians throughout the U.S.-Kanasa City, KS

Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention-Participate in planning and development stages of a national initiative to prevent youth violence. Assist in the development of resources and tools to support communities in implementing youth violence prevention action. Assist in developing internal and external materials-Atlanta, GA


PRACTICA 2009-2010 MPH/FCH/MCH Students

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Medication Use – Findings from the National
Comorbidity Survey Replication Adolescent Supplement – study of adolescent mental health, specifically racial disparities in use of psycho-active medications-Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research – Cambridge Health Alliance

Analysis of the Prenatal and Postnatal High Risk Obstetrical Program at the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center –
Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center

A Qualitative Study on challenges Facing Somali Refugee Families Living in the
boston Area – focus on parent-child communication – HSPH Department of Global Health

Where are the Boys – Assessing Male Utilization of School-based Health Services at Dorchester Academy –
Mass DPH and Dorchester Academy

Assessment of Mental Health Services to Immigrant and Refugee Adolescent Populations at 2 Masss Department of Public Health School Based Clinics

Needs Assessment for Additional Services from Case Managers – Boston Healthy Start Initiative

Development of a Screening Tool for adolescents related to Sexual Violence – Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

Examining Knowledge and Information Channels as Determinants of Nutrition Among Low SES Families in Massachusetts (to assist in development of childhood obesity prevention) HSPH – Division of Public Health Practice

Program Evaluation – Teen PRegnancy Prevention Programs in Springfield, MA area – Massachusetts Alliance on Teen PRegnancy

Sexual Health of Boston Adolescents – Boston Public Health Commission

Birth Equity Initiative – Community Efforts to Prevent Infant Mortality and Preterm Births in Boston’s African American Communities – Brigham and Women’s Hospital Center for Community Health and Health Equity

Disparities in Dental Care Among Disabled Children and Adults in Massachusetts – Tufts School of Dental Medicine

Barriers to providing a medical home to transnational Dominican Pediatric Patients – Martha Eliot Health Center

Implementation of a Patient Safety, Quality Improvement Program on a Labor and Delivery Floor – Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital


PRATICA 2009 MS2 Students

 Illinois Department of Public Health: Office of Health Protect ion/Division of Infections Disease-HIV/AIDS Section, Chicago, Illinois. Literature review and catalogue for the department the current HIV/ADS evidence based interventions and curricula that target women and youth.  Train in the latest CDC HIV/AIDS behavioral interventions and lean rot community based organizations learn and use evidence based intervention in their work.  Site visit to several community based organizations and agencies that deliver HIV/AIDS care and prevention programs

Center for Community Health and Health Equity, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Assist in design and implementation of an evaluation plan for the Centering Pregnancy Program. Review the literature regarding perinatal disparities and evaluations of the Centering Pregnancy model.

Institute for Community Health, Cambridge, MA. Conduct in-person interviews with 10 primary care providers. Focus groups with interpreters who work largely either face-to-care of phone modality at CHA.  Meet regularly with members of the Community Affairs and Multilingual Services Dept to gain a better appreciate of the barriers to language service access faced by limited English proficient patients and ways to reduce barriers

Massachusetts Department of Public Health, New Bedford, MA. Analysis of New Bedford Public Schools Youth 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey.  Collaborating with New Bedford Director of Public Health to begin the planning state of childhood obesity prevention grant.  Critical analysis of the local School Wellness Policy in order to develop a use-friend, hard-copy binder of resources for administrators/school leaders interested in enacting changes related to wellness.

HSPH/SHDH Department/MCH, Boston, MA. Continue the development of the MCH dataverse website.  Track the sites used and develop the keywords codebook Develop the pilot test of the project and manage results of surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the website.


PRACTICA 2008-2009 MPH/FCH/MCH Students

Women’s Health and Perinatal Needs Assessment – The Birth Equity Initiative -Center for Community Health and Health Equity  Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Youth Violence Prevention – Needs Assessment – Bowdoin Street Health Center

STD Clinic Closures in the State of Massachusetts: Identifying New Barriers and Possible solutions for STD Prevention, Screening and Treatment – Mass DPH

Reducing School Dropout Using a Public Health Approach – Massachusetts Coalition of School-Based Health Centers

Assessment of the Scope of Health Education – Current Practices and Future Initiatives- Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot School (Boston)

Evaluating Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Health Screening in the Community Setting (implementation of state behavioral health guidelines) -Brookside Community Health Center

Needs Assessment Among providers and Parents- Injury Prevention Program, Children’s Hospital Boston

Development of Evidence-based Programming in Violence Prevention – the Violence Prevention Program, Boston Public Health Commission

Evaluation of Abortion Training in Two Family Medicine Residency Programs – Family Planning Association of Maine

Expanding a mental health screening survey for pediatrician’s offices –  Institute for Community Health (Cambridge Health Alliance)


PRACTICA 2007-2008 MPH/FCH Students

Youth Violence, Trauma and the Response to Communities – A study for the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC)

Raising Awareness of the Need for School-Based Eating Disorders Prevention atthe Local Level – Multi-service Eating Disorder Association (MEDA)

Divas, Diapers and Desks: Educational Attainment for Adolescent Mothers in RhodeIsland.  –  Rhode Island Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition

An Evaluation of Co-located Pediatric Mental Health Services: Perspectives from Providers  –  Institute for Community Health, Cambridge Health Alliance

Integrating Parent/Family Faculty Members into Communication Educational Programs  – pt/family-doctor communication in pediatric medicine  –  Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice, Children’s Hospital, Boston

The Effect of Commercial Hospital Discharge Packs on Breastfeeding  –  The Breast feeding Center

Bridging Parenting to Primary Care – Children’s Hospital Primary Care Center,Boston

HAPPENS: Improving Adolescent Access to HIV Healthcare and Support Services – Children’s Hospital, Boston

Screening Youth for Risk of Violence Involvement n the School Based Health Clinic: A Strength Based Approach – BPHC

Creating an Organizational Infrastructure for the Division of Adolescent Health at the Boston Public Health Commission  –   BPHC

Assessing Service Provision and Public Health Impact at the Family Justice Center of Boston,  Family Justice Center of Boston

Live It Up – A Cookbook Curriculum  –  Multi-service Eating Disorders Association/MEDA