Workshop Series

1993 – 2012   Topics

2012             Clinical Effectiveness Research: Controversies & Opportunities
             Effective Implementation of Data Monitoring for Clinical Trials Sponsored by Industry
2010             Vaccines and the Control of Disease
2009             Global Trials: Challenges and Opportunities
2008             Benefits and Risks:  Optimizing Decisions by Information Synthesis
2007             Individualization of Medical Treatments
2006             Assuring the Integrity of Reporting and Patient Safety in Therapeutic Trials
2005             Statistical Issues in Drug Safety Monitoring
2004             Development and Approval of Preventive and Therapeutic Products for Infectious Diseases: Impact of Statistics
2003             Development and Approval of Oncology Drug Products: Impact of Statistics
2002             Emerging Strategies in Designing and Monitoring Clinical Trials
2001             Datamining with Applications in Genomics, Clinical Trials and Post-Marketing Drug Risk
2000             Measurement and Analysis of Quality-of-Life Outcomes for Drug Development
1999             Bayesian Methods in Clinical Trials
1998             Monitoring of Clinical Trials
1997             Contemporary Issues in Clinical Trials
1996             Flexible Strategies for Clinical Trials
1995             Statistical Methods for Multiple Events Data in Clinical Trials
1994             Handling Dropouts in Longitudinal Clinical Trials
1993             Interim Analysis of Clinical Trials: Beyond Stopping Rules