Research Group

I am blessed to work with these younger colleagues in the Department of Epidemiology. They keep me on my intellectual toes and do not let me get away with sloppy reasoning. I hope they can say the same about me.

  • Lauren Cain, Research Associate
  • Ellen Caniglia, Doctoral student
  • Xabier García de Albéniz, Research Associate
  • Øyvind Holme, Visiting Scholar
  • Anders Huitfeldt, Doctoral student
  • Priyanka Jain, Doctoral student
  • Martín Lajous, Research Fellow
  • Magnus Loberg, Research Fellow
  • Sara Lodi, Research Fellow
  • Eleanor Murray, Doctoral student
  • Sonja Swanson, Doctoral student
  • Jessica Young, Research Associate

I also work closely with fellow researchers Goodarz Danaei, Sonia Hernández-Díaz, Roger Logan, and Jamie Robins.