Travel Procedures, Policies and Forms

When you are travelling on University business this is the procedure you follow.
1 Fill out Travel and Approval Form and give to Juliana (Bldg I, Rm 1312;  2-1782).  It must have the grant number and PI’s signature.  Amounts on this form are estimates but please try to be as accurate as possible.
2. Upon returning from your trip, fill out either an Employee Reimbursement Form or a Non-Employee Reimbursement Form   attach your original receipts, and give to Juliana (Bldg I, Room 1312; 2-1782) for processing.
 3. If you’re traveling abroad on Harvard business, the University asks that you register your itinerary with the International Travel Registry so that you can be located quickly and receive assistance in the event of an emergency (i.e., natural disaster, civil unrest, etc.).  Registering is required for all students traveling on trips funded or arranged by the University, and is strongly recommended for everyone.   To register your travel itinerary, please visit then click on the Harvard Travel Registry personal Travel, go to this website   and look under Frequently Asked Questions for the question:  How can I purchase an International SOS plan for personal or leisure travel?


1. Abstract Filing Fee – original receipt required
2. Meeting Registration – original receipt required
3. Airfare – If using federal funds, a US carrier must be utilized for international flights, including Mexico and Canada.  Any questions on this, please see Patrice.
4. Cabs to and from airports – original receipts required
5. Hotel – original receipt required
6. Meals up to $35/day ($17.50/day if you left your home after noon) – original receipts required.  Credit card receipts alone are not acceptable, keep the detailed receipt that comes with the credit card receipt.  If you do not have a receipt for food, we cannot reimburse you for it.  No alcohol will be reimbursed from sponsored funds (any questions on this, ask Juliana).
7. Dinner for a society meeting is separate from meals as it is considered part of the registration – original receipts required
8. Reasonable phone calls to home and to work.
Abstract filing fee may be reimbursed immediately (unless you are a training grant fellow), all other reimbursements will be reimbursed after the meeting.  Reimbursements must be processed within 60 days of return from travel.