Sites of Note

Analysis of Multiple Informant Data Project – Multiple informant (or multiple source) data are often collected in surveys designed to measure mental health outcomes and risk factors in community or service-based samples (though they arise in other settings as well). We have developed a general methodology for the analysis of multiple informat data that can be used in the setting where the outcome of interest in a regression analysis is measured by multiple informants. The method accomodates both measured and discrete outcomes and missing outcomes on one or more informants. It eliminates the necessity of separate analyses for each informant, and for having to combine multiple responses into a single outcome.

Dr. Laird's Biosketch – Dr. Laird's NIH biosketch in pdf format

Family-Based Association Testing for Genetic Association Analysis – Association tests are frequently used in genetics to locate genes underlying disease. One class of association tests uses family members as controls; these tests are valued for their robustness to counding and population stratification. This website makes available software for implementing a wide class of family based tests.