Nano-Symposium 2012

Title: Working towards a sustainable nanotechnology industry: The importance of industry-academia partnerships in addressing nano-EHS matters

Date: June 13, 2013, Time: 3 -7 pm

Place: Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 

Abstract: Numerous reports and commissions have documented the explosion of discoveries in nanotechnology. Moreover, these discoveries are quickly moving out of the laboratory into commercial products. It is imperative that the fields of exposure assessment, nanotoxicology and risk assessment be developed in parallel with nanotechnology and its applications. This symposium aims to showcase successful industry-academia partnerships and foster productive conversations on the development of a sustainable nanotechnology industry


2:30-2:45 pm – Welcome, Introduction, and Overview of the Symposium, Dr. Joseph Brain, Harvard School of Public Health

2:45-3:00 pm – Welcoming remarks by Dr. Julio Frenk, Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health
Session 1: Chaired by Dr. Philip Demokritou

3:00-3:20pm – “Inhaled engineered nanomaterials: Dosimetric and toxicological considerations”, Dr .Wolfgang Kreyling, Helmholtz Zentrum, München, Germany

3:20-3:40pm –“Critical issues for future research in nanotoxicology” Dr.Vincent Castranova, NIOSH.

3:40-4:00pm – “Adapting industry measures for nano-specific EU REACH guidances “, Dr .Wendel Wohlleben, BASF Germany

4:00-4:20pm – “EPA and the national nanotechnology initiative – activities and initiatives”, Dr. Nora Savage, EPA

4:20-4:45pm – Questions/Discussion 4:45-5:00pm – Coffee Break
Session 2: Chaired by Dr. Joseph Brain

5:00-5:15pm –“The impact of engineered nanoparticles on cornea wound healing”, Dr. Enhua Zhu, Harvard School of Public Health

5:15-5:30pm – “Engineered water nanostructures: synthesis, characterization and pathogen disinfection applications”, Dr. Georgios Pyrgiotakis, Harvard School of Public Health

5:30-5:45pm –“NNIN/C: Accelerating nanoscience research with innovative modeling”, Dr. Michael Stopa, Harvard University

5:45-6:00pm –“ENM and interactions with physiologic fluids: Implications for in vitro dosimetry and nanotoxicology”, Joel Cohen, Harvard School of Public Health

6:00-6:15pm – “Electrochemical carbon nanotube filtration for point-of-use drinking water treatment”, Dr. Chad Vecitis, Harvard University

6:15-6:30pm – “A safer formulation concept for flame generated engineered nanomaterials”, Dr. Philip Demokritou, Harvard School of Public Health

6:30-6:45pm – “Fate of CeO2 nanoparticles: The role of size, surface and route of administration“, Dr. Joseph Brain, Harvard School of Public Health

6:45-7:00pm – “Nanoparticle behavior in the developing lungs”, Dr Akira Tsuda, Harvard School of Public Health

7:00-8:00pm – Reception and buffet, sponsored by Panasonic Boston Lab


Center for Nanotechnology & Nanotoxicology at the Harvard School of Public Health,

The Harvard NIEHS Center for Environmental Health