Harvard Public Health: Fall 2008


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Electronic health records
Electronic health records could make care safer and save money. So why aren’t more doctors and hospitals using them?

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TB super strains
No one knows precisely how virulent XDR-TB might be among healthy people whose immune systems aren’t already enfeebled. But researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) aim to find out.

A tale of two countries
HSPH Prof. Jennifer Leaning discusses the responses of the Burmese and Chinese governments to the natural disasters that struck their countries in May 2008.

A simple checklist that saves lives
A new checklist from the World Health Organization and collaborators at HSPH will help prevent avoidable deaths and disability in operating rooms worldwide.

Health insurance and Uncle Sam
To make health insurance more affordable and accessible, reform the federal tax code, says HSPH Professor of Health Economics Katherine Baicker.

How genes and environmental forces raise cancer risk
HSPH doctoral student Monica Ter-Minassian is on the hunt for subtle variations in human DNA that might help identify the causes of rare neuroendocrine and esophageal tumors, or provide a deeper understanding of why smoking provokes lung cancer in some people but not in others.

2008 Alumni Award of Merit winners
The School’s top prize for distinguished graduates

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