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Richard Pearson Strong

The disease hunters

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] A life of exploration “The sun came out early and fiercely… As the hours wore on and noon was reached…

Dyann Wirth

The hard science of saving lives

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] Understanding the basic biology of infectious disease has been a constant at HSPH since its inception. “We’re one of the…

Fenugreek sprouts

Chasing epidemics in real time

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] As the AIDS epidemic tragically demonstrated, public health has usually been a step behind infections on the run. But today,…


Health & how we live

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] In the last 100 years, we have changed the way we live—what we eat and drink, whether and how much…

Emily O'Connell

Tales from a long relationship

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] What would become one of the largest and most important cohort studies examining the role of environment and behavior on…

A visual history of food guides

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] Click on a photo to scroll through a visual history of food guides. — Madeline Drexler

Car Crash

Driving home the message

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] Retired police officer Carl McDonald stopped many a weaving driver during his years on the force in Texas. He said…

Ralph Paffenbarger Jr.

Adding years to life–and life to years

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] Today, it’s conventional wisdom and a scientific truism that regular exercise is one of the healthiest habits around. But public…


The DNA of public health

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] When at first nothing may seem more removed from the broad, humanistic canvas of public health than research on genetics,…

Nan Laird, Harvey V. Fineberg Professor of Public Health

A selection of genetic discoveries at HSPH

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] The late Armen Tashjian Jr., chair of the then-named Department of Molecular and Cellular Toxicology, made pioneering discoveries about how…