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Donald Hopkins examines children in Nasarawa, Nigeria in 2007.

The art of eradication

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] E•rad•i•cate: 1. to pull or tear up by the roots, to remove entirely, extirpate, get rid of. 2. in public…

Dichaba Siane

One man’s stand against HIV/AIDS

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] When the Botswana–Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership (BHP) was launched in 1996, the official goal was collaborative research and training between…

HIV/AIDS lab technician

HIV/AIDS studies in Africa

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] The School’s fieldwork in HIV/AIDS, which has received support from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the National…

Richard Cash

A simple solution that has saved millions

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] A solution of table salt, sodium bicarbonate, glucose, and water. This simple elixir, known as oral rehydration solution (ORS), has saved…

Richard Pearson Strong

The disease hunters

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] A life of exploration “The sun came out early and fiercely… As the hours wore on and noon was reached…

Dyann Wirth

The hard science of saving lives

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] Understanding the basic biology of infectious disease has been a constant at HSPH since its inception. “We’re one of the…

Fenugreek sprouts

Chasing epidemics in real time

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] As the AIDS epidemic tragically demonstrated, public health has usually been a step behind infections on the run. But today,…


Health & how we live

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] In the last 100 years, we have changed the way we live—what we eat and drink, whether and how much…

Emily O'Connell

Tales from a long relationship

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] What would become one of the largest and most important cohort studies examining the role of environment and behavior on…

A visual history of food guides

[Fall 2013 Centennial issue] Click on a photo to scroll through a visual history of food guides. — Madeline Drexler