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HSPH Celebration Cake_470

Happy 100th Birthday HSPH!

December 2013 — Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health receives birthday wishes from Elton John, Jamie Oliver, Elizabeth Warren, and students, faculty and staff…

Events of the century video

Our Events of the Century

On October 24, 2013, Harvard School of Public Health celebrated its 100th birthday with a medal ceremony honoring President Bill Clinton, World Bank Group…

Centennial Alive video


November 2013 — A look back at 100 years of accomplishments at Harvard School of Public Health and a look forward to a new…

Harvard Aids Initiative 25th anniversary video

Harvard AIDS Initiative: The Movie

November 2013 — What starts as a story of death and ignorance becomes a chronicle of discovery and success. To mark its 25th anniversary,…

Natalie Meyers

Why Public Health? Natalie Meyers

In our video series “Why Public Health?” we ask Harvard School of Public Health students and alumni to talk about what drew them to…


Life and death

From Infographic: Then and now Sources: Life expectancy then: No. HS-16, Expectation of Life at Birth by Race and Sex: 1900 to 2001. Historical Statistics, 2012…


Habits and health

From Infographic: Then and now Sources: Diet then: Series C 128-155—Nutrition—Foods, Apparent Civilian Per Capita Consumption: 1849-1945. Historical Statistics of the United States, 1789-1945. Bureau…

How We Lived

How we lived

From Infographic: Then and now Sources: Indoor plumbing then: Lutz, James D. Lest We Forget, a Short History of Housing in the United States. Berkeley:…



From Infographic: Then and now Sources: Education then and now: Percentage of persons age 25 and over with high school completion or higher and a bachelor’s or…

Then and Now: We've come a long way

Infographic: Then and now

We’ve come a long way since the Harvard-MIT School for Health Officers opened its doors in 1913. Have a look at the changes in…