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Breakfast and heart disease risk

July 2013 — A new study led by HSPH researchers Leah Cahill and Eric Rimm finds that skipping breakfast led to a 27% increase…


The uninsured and Medicaid

August 2013 — HSPH Professor Katherine Baicker discusses the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, a unique study that evaluates the impact of covering the uninsured…

Anna Sinaiko

Tiered physician networks

April 2014 – Anna Sinaiko, research scientist in the Department of Health Policy and Management, discusses tiered physician networks and their effect on how…

Kate Baicker ACA Podcast

The ACA and jobs

February 2014 – Katherine Baicker, professor of health economics at Harvard School of Public Health, talks about the potential effects of the Affordable Care…

Winston Hide

Big data holds big potential

January 2014 – Winston Hide, associate professor at HSPH, discusses the enormous promise big data holds for public health researchers. (Harvard Healthcast, 8:06) Please…