Pamela Hung, SM '14

Student profile: Pamela Hung, SM ’14

Q: Why did you choose HSPH?

A: My particular area of interest is healthy eating and HSPH has a world-class nutrition department. After reading Eat, Drink and Be Healthy by Walter Willett [Fredrick John Stare Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition and chair, Department of Nutrition] as an undergraduate, I was inspired to learn more and couldn’t say no to taking classes with Willett himself.  I was also drawn to the school because it has one of the few obesity epidemiology and prevention programs in the nation. And when I received a grant that made attending HSPH financially possible, it was a no-brainer.

Q: What are you working on during your time at HSPH?

A: In addition to learning about study designs and data analysis in public health nutrition, I’ve been involved with student organizations and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to build an HSPH community that supports greater attention to community health. I also coordinated the Health Equity and Leadership (HEAL) Conference in 2013 to bring together students from across the Harvard schools and greater Boston community who are interested in health disparities. As the Student Ambassador for the Office of Alumni Affairs, I organized the inaugural Leaders in Diversity Student-Alumni Networking Dinner which took place in February.

Q: How do you plan to use your education after graduation?

A: I’d like to use my analytical skills to assess and promote quality in community health programs, particularly those related to diet and physical activity. I also hope to advance health equity in urban settings by applying my experience in building partnerships between diverse students and organizations.

Q: What is your favorite memory of HSPH so far?

A: What I’ll remember most about HSPH is the relationships. I’ve met unique and inspirational people from all the different departments. Events where these bonds were formed, like Winter Ball or even working on problem sets late at night, will stick with me most.

David Rogers

Reposted March 2014 from the HSPH Alumni Community