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Salt consumption too high worldwide

People across the globe are consuming far more sodium than is healthy, according to a new study led by Harvard School of Public Health and University of Cambridge researchers. In 181 of 187 countries (constituting 99.2% of the world adult population), national…

Women Deliver

Video interview with HSPH's Ana Langer, May 17, 2013, The Lancet

Fall Senior Leadership Fellows announced

Harvard School of Public Health’s Division of Policy Translation and Leadership Development welcomed three new Senior Leadership Fellows for the fall 2013 semester. This fellowship program, launched in spring 2012, offers the opportunity for those who have recently served in top-level positions…

Poor suffer disproportionately from cancer

Cancer is increasingly a disease of the poor and a disease in which the poor suffer disproportionately, according to Harvard health economist Felicia Knaul. In a Q&A in the March 18, 2013 Boston Globe, Knaul spoke of how the poor suffer from…