Topic: health reform

Governor Deval Patrick

[FORUM VIDEO] While federal budget battles and repeal threats shadow the national law, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick explored in this Forum webcast two important themes for the future of the st

The U.S. Healthcare Law Rollout

[FORUM VIDEO] After weeks of debate and a Presidential mea culpa, this Forum event assessed where the U.S. stands in the healthcare law rollout and the resulting health policy implications.

The Presidential Election Results

[FORUM VIDEO] Two days after the U.S. Presidential election, The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health convened policy experts to explore the implications of the outcome for the healthcare system.

Young adults report better health following Affordable Care Act

According to a new survey, young adults are reporting better health since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, which allowed them to be covered on their parents’ plans through age 26. The study, co-authored by Kao-Ping Chua, a health…

Obamacare report card: Incomplete, but promising

Much of the media coverage and dialogue surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been, unsurprisingly, polarizing. Opponents have focused on the negative (the bumpy rollout of the federal health insurance marketplace,, supporters on the positive (the 8 million enrollments through…