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posted November 2014

Congratulations to our NIEHS Center Pilot Project grantees:

  • Gary Adamkiewicz: Pilot Development of a Dorchester Air Quality Surveillance System (DAQSS)
  • Joe Allen: Evaluation of inhalation exposure to diacetyl and other flavoring compounds in e- cigarette
  • Jennifer Bobb: A statistical approach for estimating the health effects of air pollution mixtures on multiple outcomes simultaneously
  • Rama Krishnan: Assessment of Environmental Toxins: Bridging the Gap Between Cell Assays and Intact Animals/Humans
  • Jim Shine: Assessment of heavy metals levels in soil and among a human population living near a copper smelter in Chile
posted October 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the NIEHS Center Retreat’s FLASH FUNDING COMPETITION:

Jessica Savage for Integrative Metabolomics in Childhood Asthma
Jia Zhong for Exosome: a novel mediator of PM-induced airway constriction and lung inflammation

posted September 2014

2014 Center Retreat

October 17, 9AM-4PM
Weld Hill Research Building, Arnold Arboretum

posted July 2014

Specific Aims Review Session – Thursday, August 8. More Information

Pilot Project funding available. Applications due September 11, 2014.  More Information

posted May 2014

Congratulations to our latest round of PILOT PROJECT AWARD recipients:

  • David Christiani et al, Genome-wide microRNAs expression profiles and birth weight in umbilical cord serum among women and infants exposed prenatally to inorganic arsenic. ($22,500) Abstract
  • John Godlleski and Alex Carll, Does Inhalation of Traffic-Related Particulates Impair Cardiac Performance? ($22,500) Abstract
  • Mi-Sun Lee et al, Cardiac Autonomic Effects of Secondhand Exposure to Electronic Cigarettes (ECigarettes). ($20,000) Abstract
  • Alex Lu et al, The interplay of sub-lethal neonicotinoids exposure, mitochondrial epigenetics, and Parkinson’s disease. ($22,500) Abstract
  • Ronit Machtinger et al, BPA and Phthalate exposure, FF exosomes, and IVF outcome. ($15,000) Abstract
  • Marc Weisskopf et al, Assessment of a novel portable x-ray fluorescence device to measure bone lead. ($17,500) Abstract
posted March 2014
Specific Aims Review Session – Thursday, April 3 at 12:30pm, HSPH1, Rm 1302
The Center will be holding a Specific Aims Review session for investigators with upcoming grant submissions.  A panel of faculty members will offer their review and critique of Specific Aims sections for junior faculty and post docs in a friendly, constructive, open session. Lunch will be served. All are welcome. rsvp | more info
posted February 2014
summer2 Climate, Air Pollution and Risk for Heart Disease, Stroke: Drs. Diane Gold and Jonathan Samet explain the link and provide advise on how to protect your cardiovascular health.



Growing number of chemicals linked with neurodevelopmental disabilities:A recent study outlines possible links between newly recognized neurotoxicants and negative health effects on children


posted January 2014

MetalsResearchDay Metals Core Research Day: The first Metals Core Research Day, held January 24th, was a huge success! View full roster of poster and talks here.



posted November 2013

◊ Center Congratulates Members on New Funding Awards:

  • David Christiani received funding from the Raymond P. Lavietes Foundation for his study work Improving Lung Cancer Survival Using Integrative Molecular Analysis.
  • Bernardo Lemos received the Smith Family Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research for his project Heterochromatin, bisphenol A, and environmental epigenetics.
  • Quan Lu received a grant from NHLBI for his work on Pharmacogenetics of Asthma Treatment
  • Alex Lu received funding from Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for his work entitled A Risk-based Analysis of the Effect of Pesticides on Sensitive Receptors.

posted October 2013

◊ Center Congratulates New Pilot Project Awardees!

View Presentations from the 10/22/13 Harvard NIEHS Center Fall Retreat!

posted September 2013  

◊  SAVE THE DATE: NIEHS Center Retreat! Tuesday, October 22, 9AM-4PM, at the J.M. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School. Registration will open soon.

posted August 2013                

◊  Vishal Vaidya named one of six North American scientists selected to receive 2013 Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) Innovation in Regulatory Science Awards –  read the NIEHS press release  

◊  Heather Burris awarded a Charles H. Hood Foundation Child Health Research Award Grant for her study, Epigenetics of the Cervix: Linking the Environment to Spontaneous Preterm Delivery – a follow-up to her 2009 NIEHS Center Pilot Project.

◊  Hot Topic Lecture by Dr. Jim Shine, Water and Health: A Global Perspective, August 13, 2013 @ 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM, FXB Bldg Rm G-13

posted July 2013                                 

◊   Harvard NIEHS Center Pilot Project Grants offered – applications due September 12, 2013view RFA | full details

◊   Environmental Health Perspectives names Drs. Andrea Baccarelli and Joel Schwartz‘ Center publication 2013 Classic Paper of the Year, an award recognizing EHP’s most  cited article over the preceding 60 months  – view the paper here.

posted June 2013

◊   Colony Collapse Disorder – Work of Center member Alex Lu and colleagues on the effects of pesticide exposure on honeybees featured in the Boston Globe Magazine – read more

◊   Center members Drs. Christiani and Mazumbar, and colleagues receive HUCE Faculty Grant for Exploratory Research for their project “A New Model for Chronic Respiratory Disease: environmental arsenic exposure induces a novel form of cystic fibrosis.”

◊   Congratulations to Center member Quan Lu on his promotion to HSPH Associate Professor!

posted May 2013

◊   NIEHS features the work of Dr. Christiani and Center investigators on
arsenic exposure in Bangladesh - read more…

posted April 2013

◊   Harvard NIEHS Center Pilot Grant awards announced