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posted November 2015

Congratulations to the Fall 2015 Pilot Project recipients:

Jorge Chavarro: Pesticide residues in food: validation of an exposure assessment tool and relation to male fertility

Alexey Fedulov: Effects of female hormone on talc phagocytosis

Bernardo Lemos: rDNA copy number: a novel epigenetic modulator and marker of responses to environmental exposures?

Chrystal North: Fine particulate matter and chronic HIV infection co-exposure: environmental determinants of pulmonary function in southwestern Uganda

posted October 2015

Congratulations to Helen Cho!

For winning this year’s $10K Flash Funding Competition for her project:

Gender-related differences in microbiota contribute to obese asthma

posted September 2015

Don’t miss the 2015 Harvard NIEHS Center Retreat!
and back by popular demand, the Flash Funding competition.
Friday October 16, 9AM-4PM
Weld Hill Research Building, Arnold Arboretum
Registration opens September 18th

posted August 2015

Pilot Project Grants Available

Apply Now!: Information | Application form | Flyer
The Harvard-NIEHS Center for Environmental Health is accepting applications for Pilot Project Grants in the Environmental Health Sciences. Awards of up to $25,000. Deadline: September 8, 2015

Specific Aims Review Session

Thursday, September 10, 12PM
A panel of faculty members will offer their review and critique of your Specific Aims sections upcoming grant submissions in a friendly, constructive, open session.  Lunch will be served. All are welcome. Please spread the word to all junior faculty members and trainees. More info

posted July 2015
Pilot Project Grants Available – Apply Now!
The Harvard-NIEHS Center for Environmental Health is accepting applications for Pilot Project Grants in the Environmental Health Sciences
Awards of up to $25,000
Deadline: September 8, 2015

posted May 2015

Congratulations to our Pilot Project Grant Awardees:

Andrea Baccarelli – DNA Conformational Changes and Arsenic Exposure

David Christiani – Genetic Variants of Maternal DNA and Maternal Urinary Arsenic Methylation Species during Pregnancy in a Population Exposed to Inorganic Arsenic from Drinking Water

Phil Demokritou – Systems and Methods for the Physico-Chemical & Toxicological Characterization of Emissions from Electronic Cigarettes

Philippe Grandjean – Early life exposure to environmental persistent pollutants and blood concentrations of adipocytokines from birth through adolescence: Identification of relevant windows of exposure and susceptibility

Elsie Sunderland and Francine Laden – Drinking water exposures to Per and Poly Fluorinated Alkylated Substances (PFASs) in the Nurses Health Study Cohort

posted January 2014
Pilot Project Grants Available – Apply Now!
The Harvard-NIEHS Center for Environmental Health is accepting applications for Pilot Project Grants in the Environmental Health Sciences
Awards of up to $25,000
Deadline: February 23, 2015
This program aims to encourage innovation and creativity in research, to develop new collaborations across disciplines and institutions, and to attract new investigators to environmental health science research. New lines of inquiry and high-risk high-payback projects are encouraged. Awards will fund feasibility studies aimed at producing preliminary data to compete for independent funding. Click here for guidelines and application form.
posted November 2014

Congratulations to our NIEHS Center Pilot Project grantees:

  • Gary Adamkiewicz: Pilot Development of a Dorchester Air Quality Surveillance System (DAQSS)
  • Joe Allen: Evaluation of inhalation exposure to diacetyl and other flavoring compounds in e- cigarette
  • Jennifer Bobb: A statistical approach for estimating the health effects of air pollution mixtures on multiple outcomes simultaneously
  • Rama Krishnan: Assessment of Environmental Toxins: Bridging the Gap Between Cell Assays and Intact Animals/Humans
  • Jim Shine: Assessment of heavy metals levels in soil and among a human population living near a copper smelter in Chile
posted October 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the NIEHS Center Retreat’s FLASH FUNDING COMPETITION:

Jessica Savage for Integrative Metabolomics in Childhood Asthma
Jia Zhong for Exosome: a novel mediator of PM-induced airway constriction and lung inflammation

posted September 2014

2014 Center Retreat

October 17, 9AM-4PM
Weld Hill Research Building, Arnold Arboretum

posted July 2014

Specific Aims Review Session – Thursday, August 8. More Information

Pilot Project funding available. Applications due September 11, 2014.  More Information

posted May 2014

Congratulations to our latest round of PILOT PROJECT AWARD recipients:

  • David Christiani et al, Genome-wide microRNAs expression profiles and birth weight in umbilical cord serum among women and infants exposed prenatally to inorganic arsenic. ($22,500) Abstract
  • John Godlleski and Alex Carll, Does Inhalation of Traffic-Related Particulates Impair Cardiac Performance? ($22,500) Abstract
  • Mi-Sun Lee et al, Cardiac Autonomic Effects of Secondhand Exposure to Electronic Cigarettes (ECigarettes). ($20,000) Abstract
  • Alex Lu et al, The interplay of sub-lethal neonicotinoids exposure, mitochondrial epigenetics, and Parkinson’s disease. ($22,500) Abstract
  • Ronit Machtinger et al, BPA and Phthalate exposure, FF exosomes, and IVF outcome. ($15,000) Abstract
  • Marc Weisskopf et al, Assessment of a novel portable x-ray fluorescence device to measure bone lead. ($17,500) Abstract
posted March 2014
Specific Aims Review Session – Thursday, April 3 at 12:30pm, HSPH1, Rm 1302
The Center will be holding a Specific Aims Review session for investigators with upcoming grant submissions.  A panel of faculty members will offer their review and critique of Specific Aims sections for junior faculty and post docs in a friendly, constructive, open session. Lunch will be served. All are welcome. rsvp | more info
posted February 2014
summer2 Climate, Air Pollution and Risk for Heart Disease, Stroke: Drs. Diane Gold and Jonathan Samet explain the link and provide advise on how to protect your cardiovascular health.



Growing number of chemicals linked with neurodevelopmental disabilities:A recent study outlines possible links between newly recognized neurotoxicants and negative health effects on children


posted January 2014

MetalsResearchDay Metals Core Research Day: The first Metals Core Research Day, held January 24th, was a huge success! View full roster of poster and talks here.



posted November 2013

◊ Center Congratulates Members on New Funding Awards:

  • David Christiani received funding from the Raymond P. Lavietes Foundation for his study work Improving Lung Cancer Survival Using Integrative Molecular Analysis.
  • Bernardo Lemos received the Smith Family Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research for his project Heterochromatin, bisphenol A, and environmental epigenetics.
  • Quan Lu received a grant from NHLBI for his work on Pharmacogenetics of Asthma Treatment
  • Alex Lu received funding from Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for his work entitled A Risk-based Analysis of the Effect of Pesticides on Sensitive Receptors.

posted October 2013

◊ Center Congratulates New Pilot Project Awardees!

View Presentations from the 10/22/13 Harvard NIEHS Center Fall Retreat!

posted September 2013  

◊  SAVE THE DATE: NIEHS Center Retreat! Tuesday, October 22, 9AM-4PM, at the J.M. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School. Registration will open soon.

posted August 2013                

◊  Vishal Vaidya named one of six North American scientists selected to receive 2013 Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) Innovation in Regulatory Science Awards –  read the NIEHS press release  

◊  Heather Burris awarded a Charles H. Hood Foundation Child Health Research Award Grant for her study, Epigenetics of the Cervix: Linking the Environment to Spontaneous Preterm Delivery – a follow-up to her 2009 NIEHS Center Pilot Project.

◊  Hot Topic Lecture by Dr. Jim Shine, Water and Health: A Global Perspective, August 13, 2013 @ 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM, FXB Bldg Rm G-13

posted July 2013                                 

◊   Harvard NIEHS Center Pilot Project Grants offered – applications due September 12, 2013view RFA | full details

◊   Environmental Health Perspectives names Drs. Andrea Baccarelli and Joel Schwartz‘ Center publication 2013 Classic Paper of the Year, an award recognizing EHP’s most  cited article over the preceding 60 months  – view the paper here.

posted June 2013

◊   Colony Collapse Disorder – Work of Center member Alex Lu and colleagues on the effects of pesticide exposure on honeybees featured in the Boston Globe Magazine – read more

◊   Center members Drs. Christiani and Mazumbar, and colleagues receive HUCE Faculty Grant for Exploratory Research for their project “A New Model for Chronic Respiratory Disease: environmental arsenic exposure induces a novel form of cystic fibrosis.”

◊   Congratulations to Center member Quan Lu on his promotion to HSPH Associate Professor!

posted May 2013

◊   NIEHS features the work of Dr. Christiani and Center investigators on
arsenic exposure in Bangladesh – read more…

posted April 2013

◊   Harvard NIEHS Center Pilot Grant awards announced