Video & Multimedia

Chalk Talks

Informal lectures designed to introduce researchers to the basic “language” used in the study of different environmental contaminants.

Metals Chalk Talk: What do we know about the environmental behavior and human health impacts of emerging metal contaminants? (View video)
Sarah Jane White (7/16/2013)

Project AirQual Videos

Air Pollution and Community Wellness (View video)
Dr. Doug Dockery tells us that where we live can affect how long we live.

Air Pollution and Your Heart (View video)
Dr. John Godleski discusses how air pollution goes beyond our lungs and airways to impact the heart and cardiovascular system.

How Traffic Affects Your Air (View video)
Dr. Jonathan Levy and student interns investigate the relationship between different types of air pollution particles and traffic patterns in our Boston neighborhood.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine Grand Rounds

This series of web-streamed videos consist of real medical cases presented by second-year residents followed by expert-led discussions featuring Harvard School of Public Health faculty and medical specialists. (View full listing)

HSPH Hot Topics Series featuring Center Members

Water and Health: A Global Perspective (View video)
Jim Shine (8/13/2013)

Other Multimedia featuring Center Members

The Real Effects Of Air Pollution On The Cardiovascular System, Nervous System And Autism (Listen)
Gregory Wellenius and Marc Weisskopf on Superhuman Radio Show (7/15/2013)

Is Military Service Related to Increased Risk of ALS? (View video)
Marc Weisskopf at the Military Health Research Forum, USDOD (2010).