2013 Health of Dorchester Community Forum

airwaysPosterHarvard-NIEHS Center COEC co-sponsored the 2013 Health of Dorchester community forum, “A family discussion on sexual health and chronic disease,” at Dorchester House Multi-Service Center on June 26th. Major community partners of the event were the Boston Alliance for Community Health, MUA (Mujeres Unidas Avanzando), and the Boston Public Health Commission, and sponsors were the Center and Carney Hospital. Prior to the meeting, Trevon Mayers, Alex Carll, Alissa Wilcox, Ann Backus, and Madeleine Straubel screened meeting attendees with peak expiratory flow measurements.  During the forum, Ann Backus, Marie-Christine David, and Blair Wylie facilitated community discussions around the topic of sexual health following a presentation by Barbara Ferrer, Executive Director of the Boston Public Health Commission.