Future Directions

At the 50th Annual Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers Meeting in Boston, the COEC developed relationships with key community groups and leaders in Dorchester, a neighborhood of Boston. Based on our outreach in Dorchester and the greater Boston area; feedback about healthy air from the community of Dorchester; and the research on air quality, asthma, and obesity from the Harvard-NIEHS Center, we intend to develop the program, “Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Homes, Healthy People.” This program will aim to educate the community of Dorchester; public health, school health, and health care professionals; and policymakers about the connection between obesity and asthma, as well as take steps to assess and address these health concerns.


  • To involve the community in producing data to develop a designated walking path that will avoid high-pollution areas;
  • To educate tenants of low-income housing about Integrated Pest Management;
  • To educate tenants of low-income housing about the connection between asthma and obesity;
  • To provide summer internships for minority high school students in collaboration with the Boston Public Health Commission; and
  • To conduct outreach to pediatricians, public school health experts, and other health care professionals about Integrated Pest Management and the connection between asthma and obesity.

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