Environmental Genomics Service

dnaThe Environmental Genomics Service provides genetic and epigenetic support for Center biomedical projects. Our goal is to accelerate the productivity of extant genomics efforts and to facilitate use of genomics in new studies.


  • Consultation on feasibility, study design, technologies and techniques for gene-environment research
  • Training for field researchers and lab members in use of instrumentation and in interpretation of results
  • Assistance in obtaining genotyping and epigenetic services both in-house and through our partner organizations
  • DNA and RNA collection, extraction and quality testing
  • Sample preparation for RNA sequencing
  • Choice of genotyping platforms
  • Gene expression analyses
  • Genome and epigenome-wide analyses
  • Biorepository for DNA for genotyping and DNA methylation studies

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How to Access Services

To obtain services from the Environmental Genomics Core or external facilities, contact Dr. David Christiani, Environmental Genomics Service Director.

Center investigators may apply for Facility Access Funds by completing a simple, single page application form that details the service, cost, and relevance to the NIEHS Center research mission.


Environmental Genomics Service Director:   David Christiani
Service Administrator: John Yong
Service Coordinator: Li Su