Particles Service

The Particles Service facilitates studies on the health effects of air pollution. The service makes available a suite of tools, technologies, facilities and expertise for generating, monitoring, and characterizing particulate matter (PM), for exposing humans and animals, and for monitoring the health effects of PM exposures. We also work with Particles Research Core investigators to development and implement custom technologies to address new research questions.


◊  Consultation – Dr. Shore, Particles Service Director and Drs.Diaz and Lawrence are available for advice on the types of analyses needed for an upcoming study or grant submission.

◊  Harvard ambient particle concentrator – Takes ambient air and increases the particle mass without altering the composition of gases.

◊  Polyurethane foam particle collections system – Impacts particles in polyurethane foam instead of oiled metal impaction stages, particulate matter can be recovered for toxicological, chemical and genetic testing without the contamination concerns of earlier methods.

◊  VENGES system – for creation and analysis of toxicological effects of nanoparticles both in vivo in rodents and in cell culture systems.

◊  Personal multi-pollutant sampler for particles and gases – this device uses a single pump to collect integrated samples of PM10, PM2.5 mass and separate filter sample for carbon analysis.  As the air stream is drawn to the filter it passes a denuder which, by diffusion, collects a sample for nitrate and sulfate analyses

◊  Network of community monitors – A system of air pollution monitoring systems throughout the greater Boston area that, along with satellite derived aerosol optical depth and land use regression systems provide fine scale estimates of air pollution exposure.

◊  Mobile Lab – inhalation facilities for both particles and gases, available in the mobile van and on site at HSPH

◊  Technical expertise on exposure generation and characterization, and on monitoring physiological responses.

◊  Access to external services through our Facility Access Fund mechanism.


Particles Service Director: Stephanie Shore