NOPREN At a Glance

NOPREN is a thematic research network of the Prevention Research Centers Program. Its mission is to conduct transdisciplinary nutrition- and obesity-related policy research and evaluation along a policy change continuum (see below). The work of NOPREN members helps foster understanding of the effectiveness of policies related to preventing childhood obesity through improved access to affordable, healthy foods and beverages in a variety of settings including communities, workplaces, healthcare facilities, childcare institutions, and schools.

What are Nutrition and Obesity Policies?

Policies that affect the nutrition environment and influence lifestyle choices and behavior. They can have impacts on diet, physical activity, and energy balance.

Examples include:PolicyChangeContinuum

  • Financial incentives to encourage healthy food and beverage choices
  • Community design and zoning policies
  • School food and physical activity policies
  • Point of purchase, marketing, and advertising policies
  • Policies that increase access to water and reduce access to sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Menu labeling policies
(adapted from McKinnon RA et al.”Considerations for an Obesity Policy Research Agenda” Am J Prev Med 2009.)

Relevant Policies

Relevant policies may be enacted at the local, state, federal, or tribal level and typically include:

  • Legislative actions
  • Executive orders
  • City/county ordinances/zoning
  • Agency regulations or rulemaking
  • Contracts/legally binding agreements
  • Organizational policies (e.g. school and workplace policies).

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PRCLogoPrevention Research Centers, designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, constitute a network of academic, community, and public health partners that conducts applied public health research. PRCs create health promotion and disease prevention strategies that work and can bring long-term benefits to communities. PRCs also offer training and technical assistance to the public health community.

Terms of Use

NOPREN Project Period: 2011-2014 NOPREN is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under cooperative agreement number 1-U48-DP-001946.  The findings and conclusions are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent that official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.