University of Washington Prevention Research Center

The Systems Analysis of Coordinated Nutrition Policy Development

Primary Investigator: Donna Johnson, Ph.D., R.D.

Policy Continuum Category: Policy Development

Project Description:
As a collaborating center in NOPREN, the University of Washington Prevention Research Center and Washington State NOPREN (WA NOPREN) is conducting a research project to apply systems sciences research approaches to evaluate policy processes associated with public health prevention initiatives that include nutrition components.  Relatively little is known about the process and outcomes of asking stakeholders to work and learn collaboratively as a system toward strong policy development.

The study will examine a School Learning Network (SLN) that includes districts funded by a Community Transformation Grant (CTG) in Washington State to facilitate the revision of school wellness policies. The study will use social network analysis (SNA) to determine:

  1. The extent to which the SLN fosters the development of meaningful ties between districts,
  2. The extent to which the position of the districts in the network and the strength of their ties is related to the quality of district wellness policy revisions, and
  3. The diffusion of best practices through the network

Journal Articles:

Posters & Presentations:

  • Johnson DB, Quinn E, Podrabsky M, Payne E (2012, May 26). Examining the Feasibility of State-Level Policy Approaches for Healthy Food Access.  Poster session presented at International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity in Sympiosia 29: “Policy Change to Foster Healthier Food and Physical Activity”, Austin, Texas.
  • Johnson DB, Lamson E, Leutjen K, Podrabsky M, Quinn E, Sitaker M, (2012, May 7).  Policy Opportunities to Increase Access to Healthy Foods: Framework for Action.  Poster presented at the Weight of the Nation Conference, Washington, DC.
  • Johnson DB, Podrabsky M (2012, April 24).  State food system assessments: Iowa and Washington food system assessments address food system assets, barriers, gaps, and potential solutions for a state, region, or individual community.  Webinar presented for State Health Network for Sustainable Food Systems.
  • Johnson DB, Payne E, Frandsen, K, Allen D, Oberg D, McNees M (2011, October).  Local Policies Related to Restaurant Menu Labeling: Barriers, Facilitating Factors, and the Role of the Local Health Departments.  Presentation given at the American Public Health Association, Washington, DC.

Terms of Use

NOPREN Project Period: 2011-2014 NOPREN is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under cooperative agreement number 1-U48-DP-001946.  The findings and conclusions are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent that official position of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.