Areas of Inquiry and Connection

The topics below represent instructor interests wherein some resources have been identified: literature, audiovisual resources, organizations, networks, services, and/or individuals across the globe. [Some archival materials owned by instructor.]
  • Women, women’s health, women and health, gender, human sexuality, reproduction, assisted reproduction and social parenting, sexual and reproductive health and rights, in global context and across the life cycle

         –  In-depth knowledge of the science, services, history and politics: pregnancy and childbirth, maternity care, midwifery, and the place of birth; contraceptive technologies, birth control, family planning, and abortion

  • Science and technology, specifically health and medical care technologies developed especially for use on healthy women throughout the life-cycle
  • Ethical issues in health research, medical care, and health resource allocation
  •  Medical Sociology, especially Critical Sociology, Health and Illness in Society, social structures in medicine, medical care and health services
  •  Human Rights as doctrine and framework in health and medical care design and evaluation
  •  Health law, patient’s and community rights, health advocacy, patient advocacy, gender justice, and accountability
  •  Violence Against Women: History and politics globally, including Trafficking, Sexual Harassment, Rape, and Incest
  •  Public health organizing, advocacy and organizing around community health rights and needs in global context
  •  Contributions and tools of activism by women’s and community groups, global, national and local
  •  Health reform: structural barriers, health manpower, and gender analyses
  •  Medical Education and Training: women physicians, the culture and politics of medicine, and clinical skills
  •  Media and Health: especially health information impacts on women, women’s health policy, practice, and services
  •  Trafficking, prostitution, and pornography; legal and social controversies
  •  Caregiving and Society: Gender justice, community services, and Self-Help
  •  Aging, Death and Dying Gender Analysis; Palliative Care, Hospice Care and women’s roles
  •  Holocaust Studies