The Nutrition and Global Health Program takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and conducting research about nutrition, its effect on human and economic development, nutrition in humanitarian crisis situations, and the dynamic interplay between the epidemiologic, nutritional, and demographic transitions around the globe.

Our community is focused on the intersection of nutrition and global health and we are dedicated to scientific research, teaching, collaborative work, and training in nutrition and global health studies at HSPH.  We have a wide range of opportunities to explore, teach, and disseminate the most recent scientific discoveries in global health and nutrition.  The Nutrition and Global Health Program will help train and prepare a new generation of health professionals dedicated to innovative problem solving and evaluation approaches to global health nutrition challenges, with emphasis on concerns pertaining to low and middle-income countries.


Inquiries related to the Nutrition and Global Health Program may be directed to Chelsey Canavan and/or Makenzie Keene.