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6 tips for reducing holiday waste and waist

During the holidays, “more” is a popular motto. Whether that means spending more buffet_of_saladsmoney on gifts or eating more food more often, the holidays typically encourage excess – often resulting in an increase in waste and waist. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are simple steps you can take to indulge yourself, without overindulging. Continue reading

Research Roundup

Noteworthy nutrition studies highlighted by members of The Chan School’s Department of Nutrition

1) Cardel M, Lema DJ, Jackson KH, et al. (2015) Higher intake of PUFAs is associated with lower total and visceral adiposity and higher lean mass in a racially diverse sample of children. Journal of Nutrition 145(9): 2146-52.

We know that eating a diet with adequate intake ofSONY DSC  polyunsaturated fats is important, but new finding suggest this may have important benefits for children.
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