Calcium Sources in Food

Milk and dairy products are not the only sources of calcium. Here is a list of foods that are good sources of calcium:

Food Amount Calcium (milligrams)
Yogurt, plain, low fat 8 oz 415
Collards, frozen, boiled 1 cup 357
Skim milk 1 cup 306
Yogurt, plain, whole milk 8 oz 275
Black-eyed peas, boiled 1 cup 211
Canned salmon 3 oz 181
Calcium-set tofu 3 oz (¼ block)  163
Cheese food, pasteurized American 1 oz 162
Trail mix (nuts, seeds, chocolate chips) 1 cup 159
Baked beans, canned 1 cup 154
Cottage cheese, 1% milk fat 1 cup 138
Iceberg lettuce 1 head   97
Green peas, boiled 1 cup   94
Soy milk  1 cup  93
Oranges 1 cup   72
Almonds 1 oz (24 nuts)   70


An extensive list of the calcium content of foods is available online from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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