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Q: What is Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM)?

“OEM is the prevention and treatment of occupational and environmental injury, illness, and disability of workers and their families, including through individual patient care. OEM physicians champion the health and safety of workers, workplaces, and environments” (American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, or ACOEM). Want to learn more? Click here for a brochure from ACOEM with more information about OEM.

How is the program set up?

The OEMR is a two-year program consisting of one year of academic training leading to an MPH or MOH degree, and one year split evenly between clinical rotations and research. The usual start date is July 1, and first year residents usually begin their academic training in the summer as participants in the Program for Clinical Effectiveness.

Is this residency a general preventive medicine residency?

No, our residency is not a straight general preventive medicine/public health residency. It is an occupational and environmental residency, which is a subspecialty of preventive medicine. Our program leads to board eligibility in occupational and environmental medicine.

How can I obtain an application?

Applications are available at Please note that we do not accept the Universal Residency Application.

What is the deadline for applications?

For admission to the residency: October 15, 2012 for 2013 matriculation.

The Harvard School of Public Health Application is for the MPH program. Where is the application for the Residency program?

For application instructions, please click here.

What are the transcript and exam requirements for admission?

All US and foreign medical school graduates must provide official transcripts from all schools they have attended. We recognize that it may be difficult for foreign medical graduates to obtain transcripts. Please see the instructions provided with the HSPH Admissions Application for managing this process.

All US and foreign medical school graduates must provide scores for the MCAT or GRE exams. Only those holding an MD degree can submit MCAT exam scores. To request that your MCAT score be sent to HSPH, please call Medical Admission Test at (202) 828-0635. Those without MCAT scores must submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores. Foreign medical graduates who have not taken the GREs must take them in order to be eligible for admission. If you took GRE exams after 1985, the scores will only be kept for five years, and you may have to retake the GRE exam.

Please contact:
Graduate Record Examination
Educational Testing Service
P.O. Box 6000
Princeton, NJ 08541-6000 USA
Tel: 609/771-7670
Fax: 609/771-7906

HSPH does not publish the minimum scores required for admission to HSPH.

What PGY levels do you accept?

For this program, those who have completed their residency training and are board certified or board eligible in their specialty are especially encouraged to apply. However, we also accept outstanding applicants who have not finished a residency or who have only completed a PGY I year. Usually, such applicants have an outstanding record and have already demonstrated a record of practical experience or research related to Occupational/Environmental Medicine.

What clinical experience is required for admission to the residency program?

For US/Canada graduates and for foreign medical graduates, the minimum requirement for admission is one clinical year of internship or a transitional clinical year in an ACGME accredited hospital in the US or Canada.

Do you provide tuition and stipend support for residents?

Our goal is to provide all applicants with total or substantial financial support. The financial support we have available does not always cover tuition and stipend for all applicants.

Board Certification in Occupational and Environmental Medicine

It is expected that all who complete the program will take the Board Examination in Preventive Medicine (Occupational Medicine track) and become board certified in this specialty.

What do the graduates of the HSPH Residency Program do after completion of the program?

Some graduates pursue clinical practice as staff physicians or as directors of occupational health clinics; others choose an academic path, follow their research interests, and become tenure-track faculty in leading Universities around the world. Some become staff in advocacy organizations that specialize in environmental health issues. Many are in positions of influence in government and academic settings.

For additional information please contact Ann Backus

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Program Personnel and Mailing Address:

For questions related to academic courses and clinical practice, please contact:
Stefanos N. Kales, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM
Phone: (617) 665-1580 (email communications are preferred)

For questions related to the program and applications, please contact:
Ann Backus, MS
Phone: (617) 432-3327

Mailing Address:
Harvard School of Public Health
665 Huntington Avenue, Room 1-1402
Boston, MA USA 02115

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Online Application:

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