Sleep-disordered Breathing and Traffic Safety 2013


Dr. Kales presenting at IATSS 2013.

On Monday, May 20th,  the International Association on Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS) hosted “Sleep-disordered Breathing and Traffic Safety 2013,” in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Hiroshi Ishizuki, Executive Director of IATSS, opened the program with a welcome to the audience and speakers. There were two keynote lectures, one by Professor Takeshi Tanigawa, Ehime University School of Medicine, who presented the first keynote on “Importance of the Screening of Sleep Disordered Breathing for Health and Safety.” Dr. Stefanos N. Kales, HSPH OEMR Director, gave the second keynote titled “Sleep Apnea in North American Commercial Drivers: Screening Strategies, Effects on Crash Risk, and Other Benefits of Driver Treatment.”


Professor Tanigawa presenting at IATSS 2013.

Joining Drs. Tanigawa and Kales at the podium were Professor Takeyoshi Imai, Hosei University Graduate School of Law, who discussed “The Impact of Sleep Disorders on Driving and Legal Issues,” and Ms. Rumiko Iwasada, Motor Journalist, who addressed “Benefits of Early Discovery and Early Treatment of Sleep-disordered Breathing.”


All four presenters participated in the panel discussion.

The conference concluded with a panel discussion featuring all four speakers, followed by closing remarks by Professor Tanigawa. It was well received by a diverse audience of over 200 esteemed experts in the field of traffic safety and sciences.

Please click here for the resulting publication of Dr. Kales’ remarks.