What’s New With ESTR?


In late September our eIRB submission system, ESTR, will be undergoing some system improvements. These changes are a part of the University’s efforts to align our current version of ESTR with the Click® IRB product. Through this initiative, the Click® IRB product will continue to be customized to Harvard’s needs and will provide the benefit of sustainable long-term and robust support. Alignment will also ensure that the IRB remains compliant with our accreditors and that all ESTR users benefit from a vendor-supported and hosted system. The alignment will affect the entire, University-wide ESTR system.

Overall, Faculty and Staff will experience minimal change to the current ESTR experience. IRB Staff and Reviewers will experience more significant changes to daily processes and system functionality. Many changes associated with the alignment include substantial system improvements – streamlining of processes, performance enhancements, design and formatting updates, etc. Changes to the system will not alter any IRB policies or the human subjects research application requirements.

As the late September launch approaches you will see revised job aids, updated resources, and additional lab training sessions for all ESTR users (both new and experienced).

 If you have any questions regarding ESTR, the alignment, or system releases, please contacts Kim Serpico at kserpico@hsph.harvard.edu.