Sample Inventory Format

(Use this as a guide to setting up your inventory listing)

Policy #: Q-144
Insurance Department
739 Holyoke Center
(Policy Number or NEW)
(Department Name)
(University Mailing Address)
Ellie Hamilton 49(5)-7971 (Contact & Phone Number)
55-023-25-0001-1-30 (33 Digit Billing Code)
Please add/delete the following to our policy: OR
Attached is our new master list:
(What you are doing)


Make & Model or
Description of Item

Serial Number Location Replacement Value
Mac Quatra 650
15" Color Monitor
Keyboard & Mouse
Extra 16 MB RAM added


739 Holyoke



IBM 486
15" Color Monitor
Keyboard & Mouse

739 Holyoke

Xerox Copier 4610 1234897 739 Holyoke $1,500
    Grand Total: $10,000

Note: Serial numbers for monitors need to be listed separately from the CPU’s. If you have the individual replacement value for the monitor then please indicate that as well.