Sebastians Cafe

To our friends of the HSPH community:

Summer is a fabulous time for growth, so we planted some new ideas at Sebastian’s Cafe and eagerly invite you to come and reap the rewards!

Over the summer, we’ve fine-tuned favorite stations, and added some new features.

Check them out:

  • Expanded salad bar of almost 70 items, at the same low $.31/ounce price as Stop and Shop
  • Two morning breakfast buffets – one of scrambled eggs, home fries and sausage meats for $.31/ounce, and one of fresh fruit, nonfat yogurt, cereals and dried fruits for $.45/ounce
  • Made-to-order deli with classics of your design or specialty sandwiches that we recommend – enjoy combo pricing for a special value
  • Improved pizzas and accompaniments, also with great combo pricing and reduced whole pizza pricing
  • Easier access to fresh grill items thanks to a grab-n-go slide, made even tastier with combo pricing
  • The return of Bok Choy by Design as a fast, healthy, flavorful noodle bowl – though your favorite stir fry is still available as well
  • Periodic Harvest Fair tables, which feature fresh produce – some local and seasonal, some varietals you may not have tasted before!

Stop by, give us a try, and share your feedback. Help us continue to make the Café a great place for community, value, inspiring fare, and new ideas.

With all best wishes – Frances, Patty and Team Sebastian’s

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