Equipment Insurance

Every department in the School of Public Health is responsible for insuring their own equipment. All pieces of equipment should be insured through Harvard Insurance. We suggest that you take advantage of this inexpensive program considering limited funds available to replace equipment. Please try to be sure that all equipment is covered.

Administration will not assume financial responsibility for any stolen, lost or damaged equipment. The financial responsibility strictly belongs to the department that purchased and owns the equipment.

Administrators should call the Insurance Department at 49(5)-7971 to insure all equipment. It is also the department’s responsibility to update replacement value, make any additions or omissions to the policy schedule and other necessary revisions.

Please be advised that the University cannot insure employees’ personal belongings and cannot assume responsibility for losses to employees’ personal property in the workplace.

Many employees assume that their personal property is automatically insured while in a University buildings and that if a loss occurs the University will reimburse the cost to replace their personal items. While it is understood that many employees, especially faculty members, bring personal books, computers, and other items, the University is unable to insure this personal property because insurance companies will not sell insurance on property that is not owned by the insured.

If you bring personal belongings to the University it is at your own risk. However, to reduce the risk of uninsured loss consider obtaining coverage through homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance.