Locks and Keys

The Harvard School of Public Health’s Lock-shop is located in SPH-3, room LL-14. The Lock-shop handles all key requests; it is in charge of cutting all keys, distributing all keys and retrieving keys which are no longer used by HSPH faculty, staff and students.

The department administrator is in charge of assisting faculty, staff and students with key request cards. Follow this link to access the online key request form.

Your keys will be cut and delivered one day after the locksmith receives your key card. The locksmith will directly deliver the keys to the requester or the department administrator. All key holders are responsible for turning in their keys to the department administrator upon parting with Harvard School of Public Health. It is then the administrator’s responsibility to notify the locksmith of all people no longer affiliated with the School.

Please remember a few basic points:

  • Doors are locked and keys are issued accordingly for your convenience.
  • The practice of passing keys from outgoing personnel to incoming personnel is not permissible.
  • Leaving sub-master keys in known and accessible areas defeats the purpose of locking doors.
  • Personnel who are without keys and require off-hour or weekend access to offices or labs should contact Security at 432-1040 for assistance. However, Security will only help you if you have authorization to the room that you need access to.

Please contact Patrick McSharry, the locksmith at mcsharry@hsph.harvard.edu if you have any questions.