Move Management

Please note: Move requests for December 24, 2014 will not be available. If you need to have movers before the holiday break, please contact Operations Office at

The Operations Office features office/lab relocation services. If you need something relocated or rearranged please complete a Moving Request Form and send it to the Operations Office, SPH-3, LL-15. Requests should be made for Wednesdays.

The following are some precautions you should take prior to moving:

  • Please be sure that the dimensions of equipment, furniture, etc., will fit into their new space.
  • Please detail all items that need to be moved.
  • Please contact  Information Technology at (617-432-4357) if help is required with moving computers and printers.  Note: A two week minimum notice is required.
  • Empty all bookcases and lateral filing cabinet.
  • Packing boxes are available. If not returned after move, department will be charged $3.00 per box.
  • The location of telephone jacks and hard wiring for computers should be analyzed prior to re-arranging an office.
  • Terminating existing voice/data services and activating new services is the department’s responsibility. Please call HUIT at 617-495-4900 for phone services and Information Technology at 617-432-4357 for data services. A quote and estimated time frame will be issued for new wall jack installs or moves of existing wall jacks.  Note: Voice and Data activation requires a minimum of 10 working days notification in writing.
  • Fill out the HLC Lab Move-in Checklist
  • Fill out the HLC Lab Move-out Checklist

For more information on moving services please call 617-432-1152.