Recycling of paper was introduced at HSPH in the spring of 1990. At that time, only white paper could be recycled and processed into useable product by the recycling plant. As technology advanced over the years, colored paper and cardboard were added to the list of acceptable paper products for recycling.

“White Paper Only”
Many of the recycling containers at HSPH say “white paper only.” This is no longer the case, please feel free to add colored paper and cardboard to your recycling efforts. However, please remember that plastic, glass, cans, and any food is still a definite no-no in the white containers.

Glass and aluminum cans are collected in specially marked containers throughout the school as part of another recycling effort.

The Longwood Campus is billed approximately $20,000 per year by our recycling contractor and is limited to paper and cardboard. Please do not compromise this program by putting items in the recycle bins that don’t belong there. HSPH is committed to recycling but must also control costs associated with recycling. We need your assistance.

How else can I help? If you presently order large shipments of materials in plastics cartons or shrink warp, please ask the supplier for an alternative form of packaging.