Setting up a New Policy

To set up a new policy send in a listing of your equipment with the following information:

  • Equipment description (make/model/serial number)
  • Location
  • Replacement value of each piece of equipment as well as total
  • Department/School
  • Interdepartmental mailing address
  • Contact name & phone number
  • 33 digit billing code

Follow this link for a sample equipment inventory for your reference.

Adding or Deleting Equipment:
To add/delete equipment to your policy send in a listing of additions/deletions referencing your policy number and listing the additions/deletions in the same manner as attached with the total amount to be added/deleted.

You may submit new master listings to supersede all other listings as you feel necessary during the year. Each August we request that a new/updated master listing be submitted.

When Equipment is Insured:
Equipment is insured the day Insurance Office receives written notice with complete information. You can fax the information to 49(6)-0505.

Equipment is covered for transit as long as it is reported to the Insurance Office prior to travel. To do this the department must notify Insurance Office in writing similar to the attached but also notify Insurance Office of the travel plans.

For short-term insurance (rental/loan equipment/art work) and claims information, please call Ellie Hamilton at 49(5)-7971.