Math Review

Math Review Memo 2014 Important Information about the Math Review

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The Math Review Workshop is a non-credit, generally optional* mathematics refresher workshop offered during Orientation.  The workshop consists of lectures as well as self-instructional web review content.

Many new students enrolled in introductory biostatistics courses have not used quantitative methods for some time and may have forgotten some of the elements of simple algebra.  Taking the self-test will help you decide if the review course is right for you.

*Some students are required to complete the workshop as a condition of admission.  If you are not sure if you have a contingency please contact the Admission’s Office.

Math Review Schedule:

  • Wednesday August 27, Math Review I: 8-10am, Kresge G-1

Greatest Hits of the Online Modules

  • Thursday August 28, Math Review II: 8-10am, Kresge G-1

Functions, Logarithms, and Exponentials

  • Friday August 29, Math Review III: 8-10am, Kresge G-1

Solving Word Problems using Functions and Inequalities

  • Friday August 30, Math Review IV: 10-12pm, Kresge G-1

Factorials and Combinations; Summation and Product Notation

** Content builds throughout the sessions; you should plan to attend all four sessions for the complete review. **