Thursday, August 29


7-9 Math Review III Kresge G-1

9-10 Registration Tips Kresge G-1
Meet with the Registrar’s Office team for an overview of registering for HSPH courses.  Have your questions on wait listing, grading options, deadlines and HSPH terminology and policies answered.

9-10 Information Session: Student Computing & Access 3 Kresge LL-6
Hands-on introduction to student computing at HSPH. Topics include: logging in, saving and printing your work, software overview, course websites, myHsph, email, and how to get help with statistical computing.

10-11 The Global Student – Wafaie Fawzie and David Hunter Kresge G-1
Welcome Address by Professor Wafaie Fawzi, Richard Saltonstall Professor of Population Sciences, and Professor of Nutrition, Epidemiology, and Global Health, Chair, Department of Global Health and Population.

11-12 Information Session: Understanding your Harvard University Student Health Plan Kresge G-1
Join Dr. Peter Massicott and members of the university’s health services team as they explain their role in helping you maintain your health and well-being at HSPH

12-1 Information Session: Harvard International Office Kresge G-1
. Harvard International Office (HIO) provides an overview of services offered and immigration policies as they apply to HSPH international students.  Topics include understanding your documents, travel regulations, employment, taxes, social security numbers and more.

12-1 LUNCH

1-2.30 The Global Classroom Kresge G-1
A lively interactive session which introduces you to international students and faculty and provides you with an opportunity to ask key questions about the student environment at HSPH. Recommended for International Students but all students welcome.

3-5 The Global Community at HSPH, Getting to know yourself and Each Other Kresge Cafeteria
Continuing with the Welcome themes of leadership and dreams, become better acquainted with other members of your class as you participate in learning and reflection about where you all come from, who you are now, and what your dreams are for the future.  You will have a better understanding of the richness of this HSPH class’s perspectives and dreams through experiential learning and discussion.

6-8 New Student Reception Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
Dean Julio Frenk and the Office for Student Affairs cordially invite you to a reception honoring new students of the Harvard School of Public Health. Please see the invitation in your Orientation packet.