Fall 2014 OSFS Checklist

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg) Review Diagram on how billing/financial aid works at HSPH

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg) Review the HSPH Billing Policy

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg) Log in to the Student Term Bill as Student to view the left hand tab “Current Account Activity

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg)View MyFinaid: to check your financial aid awards, messages and missing documents  (using Explorer or Google Chrome)

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg)Read the Financial Aid Guide

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg)Notify Student Financial Services of outside awards via email at osfs@hsph.harvard.edu

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg)Notify Student Financial Services if you would like to decline or reduce awards via HSPH email at osfs@hsph.harvard.edu or update your awards on MyFinaid.

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg)If you are a loan borrower: complete all necessary applications and procedures as provided below:


Federal Loans: (Domestic students)

Private Loans: (International students)

Federal Direct Loans

 HUECU International Loan without US Co-signer

 Federal Perkins Loans

 Private Loan Options with US Co-Signer

 Federal Direct GradPLUS

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg)If you have a Credit Balance on your student bill: Complete Credit Balance Refund Form

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg)Review the HSPH Student Budget and set up individual your monthly budget. Use the Student Budgeting Tool on our website.

checkbox 2 (checkbox.jpg)SALT

Interactive money management tools that shows students how to take control of their finances. Launch Date: October 15th.