Meet the SFS Staff

The Student Financial Services Office is open from 10:00am to 3:00pm (EST), Monday through Friday. For specific information regarding our office address and contact information, please visit: Contact Us

Kathryn Austin, Director of Student Financial Services


Kathy leads the Office of Student Financial Services and is part of the Student Services management team. She collaborates with senior management, academic departments, the Office of Financial Services and other stakeholders both within and outside of the School and University on financial aid matters including policy decisions, strategic planning, compliance, and student recruitment, retention, and debt management.

Outside of work, Kathy spends time with her two young boys and helps operate her husband’s ornamental plastering business.


Stephanie Hunt, Associate Director


Stephanie is responsible for data reporting inside and outside the University, implements the Harvard Chan School financial aid strategy, develops and manages systems for the delivery of financial aid services, and oversees customer service operations for the office. She supervises the Financial Aid Officer.


Shannon Kirwan, Financial Aid Officer


Shannon handles refunds, stipends and third party contracts for all Harvard Chan students. She also coordinates and updates the office web page and other office communications.

Shannon coaches basketball in her spare time.