Sponsored Billing Information

Students whose educational expenses will be paid by a sponsor (defined as outside organizations, Harvard affiliated hospitals, institutions, employers, etc; not internal Harvard departments using a 33-digit code) must submit the following sponsored billing information.

The Sponsored Billing Form is to be completed by the organization/institution (sponsor contact/s) providing financial support to the student who will be attending the Harvard School of Public Health during the academic year 2013-14. The institution will then be billed directly by Harvard University for the expenses incurred. Any sponsored forms submitted directly from the student will not be accepted.

Click here for the 2014-15 Sponsored Billing Form (July 2014-May 2015)

To ensure financial clearance for registration, please submit this information NO LATER than March 30,2014 for June Course Students, April 30, 2014 if enrolling in Summer 2014 or July 2, 2014 if enrolling in Fall 2014/Spring 2015.

Below is our billing schedule* for your sponsored student(s):
2014-15 bill dates
Important notes that should be reviewed by the sponsor and student:

Policy for Sponsored Students: All students who will be sponsored for the upcoming academic year will not have their expected sponsor payment reflected as anticipated aid on their term bill. Due to multiple billing policies, students who submit their sponsored billing form on time will be insured registration clearance. Any charges that are not covered by your sponsor will be required to be paid prior to the start of classes (for the upcoming semester). Your bill will continue to reflect a balance due while you are attending your classes; and your sponsor will be billed at the end of each semester for which you are enrolled.

- Sponsors should be specific about the items they have agreed to pay. Sponsors should indicate the academic term or terms to which the award applies (i.e. fall only, spring only, full academic year, full length of program).

- Please note that the TUITION DEPOSIT is a MANDATORY deposit that must be paid to the Admissions Office in order to secure the student’s place in the class. This deposit is nonrefundable and any credit that arises from this deposit will be automatically refunded to the student. Sponsors seeking back these funds will have to secure from the student directly. THIS DEPOSIT CANNOT BE WAIVED.

- The Student Billing Office will bill the sponsor for the items they have agreed to pay for current and future terms. Please note that sponsors cannot be billed for fees NOT charged on the term bill** nor for past terms. When payment is received from the sponsor, your account will be credited with the amount of the sponsor payment. (** Therefore, if a sponsor wishes to pay for living/other expenses, the check for those educational costs must go directly to the student.)Each student with a financial sponsor will continue to receive a monthly student billing statement for personal records. DO NOT SEND THIS STUDENT BILLING STATEMENT TO YOUR SPONSOR. Your sponsor will be billed separately and directly. You are responsible for paying items on the bill that the sponsor will not be paying. In addition, if your sponsor fails to pay the agreed upon amount, you will be responsible for paying all charges on your account.

Questions or Concerns?If you have questions about registration clearance or to check on the status of your submission of THIS form please contact Shannon Kirwan in the Office of Student Financial Services at 617-432-1987 or skirwan@hsph.harvard.edu. For ALL other sponsor-related questions (i.e invoices, payments received, etc) please contact Crystal Eason in the Sponsored Billing Office at 617-495-4541 or crystal_eason@harvard.edu