Summer Enrollment

Students matriculating in Summer Programs should consider the following costs.

Students attending the June Integrated Course in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics should visit: for program and tuition details.

For July and August summer classes, courses are assessed on a per credit rate. For Summer 2014 the per credit rates are as follows:

  • $1184.00 per credit for MPH and SM1 student who are entering the program as of July 2014
  • $1005.00 per credit for all others groups (except HCM)

Special note for doctoral students – Summer rates are separate from the academic year flat-rate. All course that are taken in the summer will be charged in addition to your financial requirement in the academic year. Rates are not reduced for students in their third year and beyond.

Summer budgeting is not calculated as part of the standard COA and students should budget this term separately.

Below is a the summer breakdown:

Charge Description One-Year Masters Students (starting on July 1st) All Other Students (except HCM)
Tuition $1,184 per credit $1,005 per credit
Course Materials $540 per semester $540 per semester

Cost of Living allowances for summer financial aid are considered only when a student is enrolled in 7.5 credits or more in the summer (in conjunction with a minmum enrollment of at least 10 credits in both the fall and spring semesters). Additionally, summer financial aid is only inclusive for the months of enrollment (July and August only). PLEASE NOTEInternational student seeking financial certification figures for summer enrollment should contact Admissions (these figure relate to financial aid budgets).

Rent: $1,275 per month
Food: $350 per month
Personal: $400 per month
Transportation: $90 per month

Total Living Expenses      $2,115 per month


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