Job listing and other resources for career development

Job listing – Even if you are still early in your career looking at jobs can show you want employees want

Science careers – this website has information for both those seek jobs in industry, policy or academia

Nature Jobs

Here is a list of links for other resources to help in career advancement

HSPH postdoc career development plan – all postdoc should be discussing this with there mentor

Report put together by UK GRAD Programme Review entitled “What do PhD do?” a good resources on other types of jobs one can get with a PhD.

Report put together by the Council of Graduate Students on the Pathway through graduate school and into Career

Workshops put together by the NIH

Making the Right Move – this is a book put together HHMI about how to advanced your career

HSPH career development service – great resource for career development, plus they have a job listing that you can sign up for, just email them.

Harvard consulting club – if you are interested in consulting great club to get involved with

Harvard Biotech club – This is a great club to be part of if you are interested in biotech or other type of industry jobs.

Massachusetts Biotechnology council – also has a job listing for industry jobs.

Harvard Science Review – If you are interested in science writing, this club writes an issue at least two times a year and are always looking for contributors.

Other reports of interest:

Why PhD make so much less then doctors

If you are interested in the changes being made here at HSPH over the next two years – Roadmap to 2013

NIH recommendation on biomedical education