Sites of Note

International Health Systems Group – The International Health Systems group is dedicated to strengthening public health through research, training, and technical assistance.

HEPCAPS Webpage – Prof. Berman is the Principal Investigator on the HEPCAPS project — Developing the Long-Term Capability of Ethiopia’s Health Extension Program Platform – which is working with Ethiopia’s Federal Ministry of Health to develop strategies to improve outcomes and sustainability in primary care service delivery. The HEPCAPS project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is supporting innovative reforms to the primary health care unit (PHCU) in both agrarian and urban sites, working to develop a training curriculum for upgrading low level health professionals, assessing the role that the private sector could play in primary care service provision, and has developed a health finance projection model to be used to plan for financing the next 20 years of the primary health care system in Ethiopia. 

Countdown to 2015 – Prof. Berman has chaired the Countdown’s Financing Working Group (FWG) since 2009 and participates actively in the CD Coordinating Committee, the cross-cutting analysis group, and CD conferences and events

Resource Tracking and Management (RTM) – Prof. Berman is the Principal Investigator of the Resource Tracking and Management Project (RTM). Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, RTM is working in Ethiopia and India to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and equity in primary care delivery by regularly applying financial resource tracking and management (RTM) methods.