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The output of the Program on the Global Demography of Aging is in the form of research seminars, working papers, publications, workshops and research proposals. The PGDA provides support for research on demographic change and aging throughout the world, with a particular focus on developing countries. An important component of this research is the role of burden of disability and disease in aging, particularly the measurement of this burden, as well as analyzing its causes and consequences. PGDA supports existing program of research at Harvard University as well as encourages the development of new research and is a component of a wider university initiative on Global Health.

In July 2008, the PGDA moved to the newly renovated Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies in Cambridge, under the direction of Lisa Berkman. The mission of HCPDS is to promote cross-disciplinary research on critical issues of population, health and development that will advance the well-being of the global poor. The PGDA and HCPDS coordinate to disseminate research and information to members of the Harvard community and beyond.


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