Exercise Evaluation Toolkit

Exercise Evaluation Toolkit

The toolkit is a resource that healthcare agencies can use to improve the evaluation component of their emergency preparedness exercise.  It provides instruction on planning, facilitating, and evaluating an exercise, and writing an after action report. In addition, the toolkit provides materials that public health and health care agencies can use to conduct and evaluate a standardized exercise on their own.

Public Health Exercise Evaluation Toolkit

The toolkit is organized into the following sections and will be posted online shortly.  Examples of HSPH evaluation forms can be downloaded by assessing the links below.  Users can navigate to the online Exercise Evaluation Database by clicking the “access the database” link below.

Section 1:  Exercise Basics
Section 2:  Facilitator Guidelines
Section 3:  Evaluator Guidelines
Section 4:  Exercise Evaluation Tools
Section 5:  Emergency Preparedness Exercise Evaluation Database
Section 6:  After Action Reports
Section 7:  References and Resources

Emergency Preparedness Exercise Evaluation Database

The database is comprised of numerous evaluation measures that have been selected, written, tested, and validated by the HSPH-LAMPS program for use in health tabletop and functional emergency preparedness exercises.