Requirement B: Leadership Role within PHL Community

To complete the PHL Concentration, participating students will be active members of the CPHL community. Students can do this by playing a leadership role in:

  • Student Leadership Circle, Division of Policy Translation and Leadership Development (time commitment variable – minimum 40 hours Sept-May): The SLC promotes activities for HSPH students to learn about the role of leadership from leaders in the field and make connections between the classroom and the real world (i.e. Decision Making – Voices from the Field Leadership Series). Committee members are chosen from diverse disciplines.
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  • Students may petition to have a leadership role in an already established organization count for requirement B.


  • Create a Unique Leadership Opportunity (time commitment variable-minimum 20 hours per event): Initiate and implement a leadership workshop, seminar, or event to enrich the leadership skills and experience of CPHL community. CPHL must approve all unique leadership Opportunities prior to completion of the PHL concentration. Students may request approval through the petition form:
    Examples of previous student initiatives include:

* Harvard Health Equity and Leadership Conference (Harvard HEAL Proposal)
* International Health Care Symposium

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