Requirement E: PHL Concentration ePortfolio

The Public Health Leadership Concentration ePortfolio is an integrative tool designed to capture and demonstrate each student’s continuous learning skills, knowledge, and ability – during students’ time at HSPH. All PHL Concentration students must compile a cumulative, leadership portfolio demonstrating objectives and progress, as well as growth and reflection during the Concentration experience. CPHL assigned PHL Concentration Coaches guide students through their leadership development experience and support the completion of the ePortfolio. Students may also use the transferable ePortfolio to share for professional development purposes.

ePortfolio Completion: A completed ePortfolio includes a Gap Analysis, two Reflections, and documentation of Concentration requirements A-D.

Digication is the new ePortfolio tool: The PHL Concentrators are the pilot for integration of this tool into the wider HSPH.
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