Requirement A: Leadership Development Courses (10 Credits)

The PHL Concentration requires completion of at least 10 credits of leadership-related courses. CPHL recommends that students take a range of courses to foster well-rounded leadership development. Below is the list of PHL Concentration approved courses to fulfill this requirement. Please refer to the HSPH Registrar’s course catalog for full details.
Click Here for a PDF of the available leadership courses.

HSPH Course Roster

Note: Courses below are in order of “semester taught”. The Course availability for all courses is subject to change.

Course Number Course Title Semester Taught Course Credit
SBS 296 Leadership in Minority Health Policy Fall 2.5
GHP 552-1 Leadership Development in Global Health/Health Policy Fall 1 1.25
GHP 552-2 Leadership Development in Global Health-Healthcare Delivery Fall 1 1.25
GHP 293 Indiv & Soc Responsibility for Health Fall 2 2.5
GHP 244 Health Sector Reform: A Worldwide Perspective Fall 2 2.5
HPM 520 Organizing Consumer and Community Interests in the Health System Fall 2 2.5
HPM 554 Leadership in Public Health: From Theory to Action Fall 2 2.5
HPM 245 Public Health Leadership Skills Winter 2.5
GHP 515 and 518 Essentials of Humanitarian Action in the field (I & II) Spring 3.75 (2.5 + 1.25)
HPM 247 Political Analysis for U.S. Health Policy Spring 5
SBS 298 Issues in minority Health Policy Spring 2.5
GHP 548 Global Health System Gov Ch & Inst Inv Spring 1 2.5
HPM 231 Competitive Strategy Spring 1 2.5
HPM 278 Skills & Methods Health Care Negotiations Spring 2 1.25
HPM 536 Leading Change Spring 2 2.5
HPM 539 Health Care Org & Behavior Spring 2 2.5
HPM 516 Health Care Quality and Safety Spring 2 2.5
SBS 510 Social Entrepreneurship in Public Health and the Environment Spring 2 2.5
Key: GHP: Global Health and Population; HPM: Health Policy and Management; SBS: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Cross-Registration Course Roster

Note: The following cross-registration courses have been approved to count towards requirement “A” of the PHL Concentration. Students must meet enrollment requirements for each course. Access to HSPH students may be limited.

Institution Course Number Course Title
HBS 5915 Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship
HBS 2060 Managing Human Capital
HBS 1816 Managing, Organizing and Motivating for Value
HBS 2230 Managing Global Health: Applying Behavioral Economics to Create Impact
HKS IGA 103 Global Governance
HKS MLD 377 Organizing People, Power and Change
HKS MLD 355 Public Narrative: Self, Us, Now
HKS MLD 364 Leadership on the Line
HKS MLD 201 Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change
HLS 2303 Negotiation Workshop/Course
MIT 15-665 Power & Negotiation
Key: HBS: Harvard Business School; HKS: Harvard Kennedy School; HLS: Harvard Law School; MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Is the Leadership Course you are interested in not listed above?

Students may petition additional leadership courses by completing this form All petitioned courses must be approved by CPHL staff  prior to completion of the PHL Concentration.


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